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Various Artists - West Coast Hardcore Versus East Coast Hardcore

Black Rat, 1998, CD

This is a good compilation of bands from '98 which will basically give you a decent idea of where the whole thing was at then. It was before the hardcore/metalcore/underground music business started to suck majorly and before it started to be flooded by shit bands.

There is a lot of metallic hardcore on here, bands like Converge, Trial, Will Haven, Shai Hulud etc. Also some old school sounding bands like Floor Punch, Ignite, Ensign and Battery plus some other stuff like Bluebird, Farside and Kill Holiday. In particular the latter band offer up a really great emotional sounding punk rock track that is on one of their 7"s and is now very hard to find. You might just like that and then the whole thing would be worth it.

Reviewed by indigo on 14-12-2011

Keywords : hardcore metalcore west coast hardcore old school hardcore noisecore emocore

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