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Various Artists - Oldies But Goodies

Negative Progression, 2001, CD

This was when there was more money than sense. A bunch of second-rate and 10th-rate bands covering classic pop songs from the 50s and 60s in a pop-punk style. This has been done so many times with one of the best examples being Me First And The Gimme Gimmes on Fat Wreck. Then there were the compilations like "Punk Goes Pop" and "Punk Goes 80s" etc. This was bought at full price, maybe 13 ( thirteen ) British pounds were exchanged for this which is on some obscure label from Boston and was distributed by Vagrant. At least some of the proceeds went to Earth First.

It's actually quite a fun record that can warm a miserable afternoon on a winters day when you have listened to so much doom and death metal that you can't even move anymore. The bands mainly play in this syrupy sweet style and stick pretty well to the originals.

You have songs like Blue Moon by The Marcels and Jonny B.Goode by Chuck Berry being covered by the likes of Bracket and 5-Driver. The more well known punk bands here are MxPx, Face To Face, Good Riddance and Automatic 7. Some of the others nobody has heard of. If you are a fan of these bands you might also want to pick this up as there some of these tracks are not to be found elsewhere.

Like I say, it's fun to hear some of these if you can tolerate these kind of bands. You can probably pick it up quite cheap now on Amazon.

Reviewed by indigo on 14-12-2011

Keywords : pop punk rock and roll 50s 60s cover songs

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