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Four Letter Word - A Nasty Piece Of Work

BYO, 1997, CD, Vinyl

This is a really good record from this Welsh punk band. It was their first full-length release and contains some good songs for fans of popular punk bands like Avail and Leatherface. It's one of the best records from that era from the UK, up there with the likes of Snuff. Not so many people knew them though at the time as US bands had a lot more popularity.

The vocals are very sincere and heartfelt sounding and remind me of Avail. This is what grabs me along with the rocking melodic sound that they have with well-written songs. By the time the 3rd track is underway, Rich White Ghetto, you are won over. The version on the BYO sampler sounded better though for some reason. If you check out that song you can hear what this band is about. It's a classic from that era nevermind this band. Really.

Reviewed by indigo on 13-12-2011

Keywords : punk pop punk byo

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