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The Hope Conspiracy - Death Knows Your Name

Deathwish, 2006, CD, Vinyl, Black/Brown Vinyl, Gold/White Vinyl, Gold Vinyl

When I was totally fucked once. I left the first track on repeat. I had to listen to it an hour or so just to be able to get the strength to get out of my room and eat.

Anyway they always had this colossal sound, this total fucking juggernaut of unrelenting destruction. It continues here, but there is less of a metal or metallic hardcore sound and more of this dirty stripped down rumbling punk rock. Infact they managed to bring some of the holy terror sound to the punk rock arena and it ends up destroying any other band that ever tried to do any punk record and make it sound scary and brutal without it being entirely metallic. There are still some similar sounding moments to Cold Blue and Endnote but its mainly this crusty, heavy rocking destruction.

I will now comment on a few of the tracks.

Hang Your Cross, which was released as a single, is particularly heavy and crushing. It's mainly a punk rock song but with very heavy beatdown, way beyond any regular punk rock affair.

The opener, They Know Not as I mentioned earlier sounds like something good is going to happen throughout and then the good thing does start to happen and it's unrelenting and furious and just fucking colossal.

The closer Stolen Days sounds like they pushed the damnation / salvation paradox to the max. It's slow and heavy and not like the other tracks.

There is also some track called Sadistic Sacred Whore which has some vocals from Dwid of Integrity, and that is a very heavy and interesting piece to listen to.

Maybe it's worth pointing out that a lot of bands have tried to copy this band over recent years but they just sound impoverished and its embarassing because you can't copy this kind of thing unless you have lived a few years and took a few hits. It's not just a case of playing the right notes at the right time. Infact I never want to hear any other band that has been influenced by The Hope Conspiracy ever again because it will make me sicker and iller. I want these cloners to just move on with their shit and admit they can't copy this and just try something else like playing in a pop-punk band or some disco rock. There are plenty of other bands to copy that will be happy with that.

This is probably one of the top 5 greatest bands in heavy music over the last decade or so.

Reviewed by indigo on 13-12-2011

Keywords : holy terror metalcore punk rock hardcore noisecore dwid hellion kevin baker

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