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The Reverend Horton Heat - Liquor In The Front

Interscope, 1994, CD, Vinyl, Cassette, White Vinyl

This was their first involvement on a major and was produced by Al Jorgenson of Ministry.

I never listened much rockabilly but this could get a man into it. Most of the songs have a great sound to them with really good guitar and influences from different styles. The guitar always sounds like its got this wild-west style with echo. Some of the songs are influenced by country music, lounge, cocktail and rock and roll. For instance track 5 is this laid back kind of ballad that sounds as sublime as the other tracks are rocking and wild.

Really you could not have read all that and just be told that most of the songs are about drinking and whores. That would be enough.

Reviewed by indigo on 12-12-2011

Keywords : rock and roll psychobilly rockabilly sleaze rock

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