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Various Artists - A Document Of Nothing

Second Nature, 1996, CD

This is a very cool compilation of tracks from Second Nature recordings released in 1996. It was their second release and showcases some great metalcore, hardcore and alternative bands at the time.

The heavier bands are Converge, Harvest, Sufrace, Despair, Endeavor and Mainspring. These could loosely be described as "metalcore" or metallic hardcore and remind me of a time when the music was rawer and less well produced. There was some kind of excitement then with some of these bands that is not there now after everything was saturated by the internet.

The other bands play softer music, "emo", post-rock, indie rock, whatever. It's quite low-key, none of these bands got really big or anything but Cycle offer a great song that is not on their record and worth getting this for just to hear it.

Reviewed by indigo on 12-12-2011

Keywords : hardcore metalcore emocore second nature alternative rock pop punk

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