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Various Artists - H8000 Hardcore - The Compilation Volume 1

Sober Mind, 1998, CD, Vinyl, Green Mint Vinyl

This is a great compilation to check out what all these great bands from the H8000 area of Belgium were doing in the '90s. A lot of these bands sound very metallic, influenced by what sounds like Cleveland hardcore and extreme metal bands. There are beatdowns, gang vocals, screamed vocals, lyrics about straight-edge and veganism and the devil and whatever else. They all sung in English and the lyrics to each track is in the inlay. I don't know where you would get this from now as its out of print. The main bands to check out are Congress, Liar, Deformity and Vitality. It's all pretty good though.

Reviewed by indigo on 11-12-2011

Keywords : h8000 metalcore hardcore deathcore

This record rated by users : 4.4 ( out of 5 ) from 20 votes.