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Earth Crisis - Gomorroh Seasons End

Victory, 1996, CD, Vinyl, Brown Marble Vinyl

What was the impact of this band? Did it create or co-create the genre now known as "metalcore"? Did it make people aware of the political and social issues that the band sing about? On what scale? Within a sub-culture? A larger niche?

This, their second full-length, released in 1996 is perhaps their most convincing and focused work. Already they were crossing over into the mainstream metal arena with their bludgeoning sound that relied as much on heavy metal and heavy rock as it did on punk rock ascetics or hardcore's speed and fury. The sound and overall barrage of brutality never really lets up as the band convey their political and social views in a maelstorm of heaviness. The groove they tread is reliant on rhythm more than anything else - there are no outright melodies or catchy choruses here. What the band do offer is the straight-edge and vegan slogans chanted out over incendiary beatdowns. The title track itself is a classic in this genre with its empathic screams of "I am straight-edge!" as the guitars and drums crash around in Unison. This influenced countless bands on labels like Victory and Good Life.

This is not the kind of band where you can immediately identify the words that the singer is shouting about and so a band like Rage Against The Machine would create more mainstream appeal with its easily identifiable anthems and lyrics. Earth Crisis were altogether more serious and uncompromising in their music and ideals to mean that mattered in any way to them and so the people that got this were the people that they wanted to get it, not necessarily the wider audience than the average musical-political crusader is always dreaming of.

Reviewed by indigo on 11-12-2011

Keywords : straight-edge vegan metalcore

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