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Union 13 - Why Are We Destroying Ourselves

Epitaph, 1998, CD

On the first record they hit the speakers with this furious, fast-as-hell punk rocking shit. Each song like some militant call to arms. Now it's a similar job, still fast and loud, but these are big anthems not just some youths shouting and playing fast.

Each song is like a spiritual story or some meaningful parable from inner city LA that attempts to level the karmic balance of the concerned protaganists.

You have to think what else was being released around this time. Basically a lot of horseshit.

The problem for them, if we consider the perspective that they should have had more success, is that the production is strange sounding as if they are playing in an empty auditorium. Also, they are not singing goofy songs like a lot of the other bands were at the time. Like it's fairly serious, people have died or got fucked up, it's not just some kids who farted at school and thought it was funny to make a song about it. So they never hit it big like a lot of these other bands did at the time. They probably sold enough to get by, but those bastards in the NME should have been telling folks about this instead of those shitty brit-pop bands they were promoting at the time. None of those bands ever meant a thing to me - all that lame shit with those posing sons of bitches prancing about in tight jeans and silly haircuts singing these nothing songs about drinking cheap beer and whimsical social bullshit. It almost finished me off before I even got out of that decade.

Anyway, track 4 is one of the best things ever.

Reviewed by indigo on 10-12-2011

Keywords : punk rock old school hardcore west coast hardcore epitaph

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