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Angerpath - Forgotton World

Epitomite, 2009, CD

Half way through the first track I realise that they have no idea where they are going with this, it's just the same crusty riff with random sick growls and the odd solo or lead fill thrown in.

It gets better though and eventually they get going with some sick double-bass drumming and decent riffs. The vocalist sounds brutal enough to not have to worry about any variation, it's not some fancy pop-metal here where they are going to throw in some emo whining about a relationship breakup.

Half-way through the record I am almost into it, I just had to get down with their sound and way of doing things because they have quite a unique style. Really that's one of the things I like about these bands from further afield like Poland - they are so far removed from whatever cool shit is going down in the New Jersey metalcore scene that they don't get caught up trying to copy other bands so much. If they do, it's some weird bands from years ago or from some obscure niche of metal. The down-side to this is that sometimes it can suck as they don't know what is cool.

By the end of the record I have enjoyed my time with these guys today and I'm not bothered if they aren't playing some fashion-core bullshit.

Reviewed by indigo on 10-12-2011

Keywords : metal

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