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My Fate - Happiness Is Fiction

Crash, 2003, CD

What the hell is this? I mean really. Machine Head? Shadows Fall? Moonspell? This sounds like alternative rock/metal that used to be on the go in the 90s. This kind of thing where they are adding all these different elements and it just sounds ridiculous, not brutal or sick, just ridiculous. Some people will like this though as it's fairly well done, the production is decent, the riffs are not terrible and there are some decent melodies. It's just not my thing at all, it makes me think of people who like to "rock", like a bit of a "mosh" maybe when they are drunk. I like Finnish people though and so I hope they get their shit together and get out of the alternative metal scene.

Reviewed by indigo on 10-12-2011

Keywords : alternative metal

This record rated by users : 2 ( out of 5 ) from 18 votes.