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Sick Of It All - Scratch The Surface

EastWest, 1994, CD, Vinyl, Cassette, Clear Vinyl

I saw some TV the other day at some horrific hour and the X-Factor was on. All these programmes - Dragon's Den, X Factor, I'm A Celebrity... all of them horseshit. The makers must be laughing all the way to the bank. I had to listen to about 5 hours of Vangelis just to recover from such a ghastly thing.

Then after that I had to listen to Sick Of It All. "No Cure! No End in sight!" as the first song goes almost right from the start.

This was their first release on a "major" and it shows the band making a progression from their fast and brutal old-school New York sound of their first few records. Here they add some more metallic grooves and experiments like distorted vocals and guitar feedback. They still have plenty of straight-forward atonal brutal and fast songs on here and even some Oi! influences though. It results in one of their best records because they don't compromise their ideals or overall sound, they just added to it and made it more interesting but it's still completely recognisable as Sick Of It All. It is one of the few bands that over such a long period of 2 decades did not change much in their style. It always sounded like strong men, family men, factory workers, smashing bits of metal together in their day off.

Reviewed by indigo on 10-12-2011

Keywords : hardcore nyhc

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