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Samiam - Soar

New Red Archives, 1991, CD, Vinyl

It was a strange time for a band like this when it was released. You had Nevermind being released in that year, Use Your Illusion 2, Bloodsugarsexmagik and an assortment of other grunge, cock rock and funk metal curiosities. Where a band like this fitted in was not clear. I  only came across this much later around '99 so I'm not entirely sure what the reaction was like to such a record back then.

Really this is some kind of alternative rock. It takes some things from punk rock, but it's not so obvious. It sounds a bit like Husker Du maybe? The production is low-key and the songs less well developed compared to their later releases.
The songs are melodic, melancholic, searching. It has a nice feel to it, nothing outlandish or over the edge, but there is passion and spirit there, just not in some in-your-face kind of way. These are stories of regular people, not heroin addicts, deranged miscreants, or rock stars in Hollywood.

Sky Flying By is the standout track and you can see why a major label might have been interested in such songwriting as the track veers from emotional, dreamy convention into instrumental meandering bliss.

Reviewed by indigo on 09-12-2011

Keywords : rock punk emo

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