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Himsa - Courting Tragedy And Disaster

Prosthetic, 2003, CD, Vinyl

This is for fans of modern metalcore. It has nothing to do with their first record on Revelation 4 years previously which was some kind of experimential post-hardcore affair. This is now all out metal.

First track Dominion sets the pace and the tone with shredding dual guitars playing high-pitched lead riffs. It's fast and technical sounding as the singer growls over the top. Really if this is 2003 and you are into this kind of thing, this rules, infact it probably blows you away. It's that simple.

The problem is that it is now nearly 2012 and I have heard a million of these bands and now it isn't that interesting to me. The themes are the usual job - death and morbidity, girls, romance, dead girls, revenge etc. I only ever cared about 1 band doing that kind of thing and it was the Florida band Red Roses For A Blue Lady. By the time Atreyu and all these other modern fashioncore wonders had arrived I was sick of the whole thing.

Regarding the music, if you listen to a lot of death-metal, which is what this sound is based on, the good technical death bands make this and bands like As I Lay Dying sound like pop music. The riffs that these latter, modern deathcore bands throw out, although they might sound sick and hard to play to some kid who has been listening to Panic At The Disco, are just not that technical, brutal or interesting.

Having said all this though, this is still a good record for the style that they play and fans of the genre will enjoy it.

Reviewed by indigo on 09-12-2011

Keywords : deathcore metalcore prosthetic seattle hardcore

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