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Fordirelifesake - Breathing In Is Only Half The Function

Forge Again, 2003, CD, Vinyl

This band know how to play. Many times during this you think "wow".

Whereas most metalcore bands are throwing out this dark, thick onslaught of brutality, this band offer much more catchy melodies and riffs all played at an insanely fast speed and all very technical sounding. Really it can blow you away depending on what you have been listening to.

Never do they settle for long as each song goes through many different sections and riffs with no regular structures as the guitars blaze away creating insane interplay using all kinds of tricks like high-note lead riffs, loads of harmonics and palm-muted tremolo riffing.

Most of it is done in a major key to give it an upbeat, euphoric feel. This is in contrast to a lot of metal and hardcore bands. This is what sets this apart along with the technicality. The vocals are screamed and sung alternating throughout with the screamed ones some of my favourite as they sound so desperate and impassioned.

The first 3 tracks totally blow the unassuming listener away and so by the time the band throw in some slower, duller more emo-ish sounding tracks half-way through it makes no odds. If you had been listening to pop-punk or some dull metal before this, then it becomes your new favourite band.

I don't know why it didn't take over the whole scene as no one else made anything like this around the time or since really, it's very unique sounding and deserved a lot more attention compared to a lot of the lame metalcore bands that gained popularity with much weaker playing and duller sounding songs. Perhaps the production lets the band down somewhat as it could be better in some areas, or perhaps the songs are not structured enough or the middle tracks take away from the blazing impression of the first few tracks? It doesn't matter as this is a great record.

Reviewed by indigo on 09-12-2011

Keywords : metalcore screamo alternative metal post-hardcore

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