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Nailed - A Pure World Is A Dead World

Crash, 2007, CD

This is more technical death metal. Very fast and brutal.

The guitars create this barrage of technical madness that rips right through the air when you put this on. The riffs go berzerk in these insane sequences. The sound is raw but also crisp without much sustain or distortion and so you can hear the carnage note for note. The vocals are much lower in the mix than some bands and give way to the guitars. They do the job. The whole thing is about the savage, insanely fast and technical attack of the music though. It never lets up that much, there are a few long doomy beatdowns or sludgefests, but it's mainly fast and intense throughout.

This is a good release for any death metal fan and could probably turn a few heads from people listening to other styles.

Reviewed by indigo on 08-12-2011

Keywords : death metal crash

This record rated by users : 2.354 ( out of 5 ) from 31 votes.