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Integrity - Integrity 2000

Victory, 1999, CD, Purple Vinyl, Gray Vinyl

If it has anything to do with Integrity then you know the vocals are absolutely sickened. On this record they got even more dark - every word sounds strained to the absolute limit of human capacity. Even fans of heavy music will find it beyond the usual level that they are used to. It's off the radar compared to these modern bands with young kids screaming about girlfriends and subjects they know nothing about.

The music is heavy as hell metalcore but there are some interesting effects added in there and the sound is very heavy overall to keep it engaging to the listener. For instance in the 3rd track there is some eastern-sounding keyboard melody haunting away in the background during the verses. This could suck, but it doesn't.

Track 4 is awesome aswell as the opening riff is so brutal it sounds like a machine chewing up and grinding everything thrown into it. That guy from Sepultura who did vocals after they split with Max also appears on this record, as if they needed some more brutality.

Really what sets this apart though is that it does its own thing, it has its own style and the band are not afraid to experiment with heavy music to see where they can go. Some of the tracks towards the end are noise experiments for example, but even in the regular course of proceedings, the sound they create is interesting. So many bands in this genre just sound like this band or that band and try and do it well, but here its a unique sound they got going.

Reviewed by indigo on 08-12-2011

Keywords : holy terror dwid hellion metalcore metal cleveland hardcore noise

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