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Dead Blue Sky - Symptoms Of An Unwanted Emotion

Good Life, 2001, CD, Vinyl

I bought 10 black metal CDs the other day. Every one of them went in the bin after only being on a few seconds. I just draw the line at some idiots in makeup prancing about squeeling about the devil or some other stupid shit.
I'm not saying this record is "Black metal" but some of it has some elements of that genre. Ex members of Morning Again and some other bands cook up a treat for any fans of heavy music. It's totally well made and executed, has some keyboards in it, girl-like singing ( it's a man that does that bit ), great riffs and song construction - really epic sounding songs actually with great dark melodies. The screaming never gets into some silly beast-like black metal area, it kind of stays this side of the line and so it sounds brutal but not pathetic. I was really hoping they made another record, but they never did.

Reviewed by indigo on 18-11-2011

Keywords : black metal metal good life florida hardcore

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