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Triplever - Beyond The Grave

Crash, 2006, CD

This is pretty interesting progressive sounding metal that has a variety of influences and sounds running through it.

The first track starts off with some thrashy, even nu-metal sounding riff where the singer is screaming "bloodshed" over and over. You start to think it's some dull plodder but then the whole track opens up into this clean instrumental section with this fantastic solo running over the top. You realise then they can play and look forward to the rest of the tracks.

Second track Purgatory is some great epic sounding prog-metal piece of nearly 7 minutes that has various different sections to it. The rest of the tracks don't really have the same quality but it's a decent listen with some good solos and riffs, I just find it hard to get into the overall feel of the band.

Reviewed by indigo on 08-12-2011

Keywords : prog metal alternative metal death metal thrash

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