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Strung Out - Twisted By Design

Fat Wreck, 1998, CD, Blue Vinyl

This is one of the best records to come out of the American pop-punk era. Fuck Green Day and New Found Glory and all that other shit that was getting pumped out. I don't like to review records from that era here as a lot of those records lack substance and sincerity, but I make exceptions for this kind of record.

After 20 seconds into the first track you know that this is a classic.

They have a sound of a time gone by when everything was a lot simpler and there was a different energy in the air. Maybe there was still some naivety and innocence and you could go about fucking up and not caring before all the shittiness of adult life hits you in the face. Sometimes a man can end up listening to the inhuman sounds of grindcore or death metal for so long that you lose touch with the human emotions and stories that bands like this relate.

The songs are as technical as it gets for a band in this genre, really you can't get faster, better riffs and fills and better drumming without it turning into a metal band or some other fancy pretentious shit. They have melodies, harmony, choruses and a carefree spirit like a lot of bands from that time but add that to the technicality and it was a record that could blow you away if you had been listening to some dull shit for a while.

Reviewed by indigo on 08-12-2011

Keywords : pop punk

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