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Various Artists - Far East Hardcore

Samson, 1995, CD

This is a collection of Japanese bands from 1995. It's good to hear what was going on then. Most of the bands are old school sounding, there are 2 tracks from each and the songs are in English with the lyrics for each song in the inlay.

Envy... This is very early material from this band that has now gained recognition in the West. This is old-school sounding hardcore/punk. Neither of the 2 tracks sounds remotely like their recent releases.

GMF... Old school thrashcore. Primitive sounding but good.

Brickbutt... Fast old school hardcore/fastcore that Japanese bands seemed to get good at doing. Sick vocals.

Wrestling Crime Master... The name kills before the music even starts. Incidentally its fast, sick sounding old school with lots of energy and fury.

Wrench... Dull thrashcore / funk metal. Ancient sounding now.

Switch Style... Hard sounding thugcore with New York influence.

Nunchaku... Sick sounding thrashcore, groove metal.

Smelling Cunts... More groove metal, thash with some old-school sounding hardcore. Sounds dated now.

TJ Maxx...Hilarious sounding thrashcore / metalcore

Half Life... Plodding thrashcore with sick vocals.

Reviewed by indigo on 07-12-2011

Keywords : hardcore thrashcore metalcore alternative metal japcore

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