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This Is Hell - Misfortunes

Trustkill, 2008, CD, Clear Vinyl

Part of me wants to like this because they play this modern hardcore pretty well with a good sound and as technical as this style gets. They have some well-written songs also which helps.

The main problem is that it just sounds like they have been listening to The Hope Conspiracy and American Nightmare and a few other bands, like all these modern bands have, and have creating some watered down version based on that. This doesn't interest me whether they can sound like these bands and do it well... all I am interested in is whether there is a particular energy or inner quality to the music and with this I'm not sure. Like with so many of these bands I feel that they are just regular kids playing some music they like, which is fine, but with this whole genre I prefer to hear some deeper energy expressed from people who have been through some utterly fucked up shit, beyond regular conceptual understanding, that cuts far deeper than verbal or physical expression.

Do they really know what hell is? I mean really? They all do these bands, they all think they know and are going to tell us about it. Can you hear which ones really do?

Reviewed by indigo on 07-12-2011

Keywords : hardcore punk metalcore trustkill

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