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Unbroken - Ritual

New Age, 1993, CD, Vinyl

This is a classic metalcore record from '93. By then some bands had started to combine metal with hardcore to make a harder, more dynamic form of expression. The fast and furious, but often limited approach of early hardcore pioneers was now being upgraded to a richer, much more brutal affair.

The band managed to use this heaviness and texture to create an almost spiritual atmosphere in much of their music and at their shows. The buildup to some of the passages creates a particular, prohetic sounding ambience that lends itself well to the lyrics which deal with personal and political issues. Creepy basslines hover ominously, leading into dark searing riffs that build up into staggering beatdowns as the singer gives it all he has. Track 3, "Shallow" and track 5 "My Time" do this to perfection and the rest of the tracks have a similar pattern to them often using short atmospheric periods to build into brutal breakdowns and raging verses.
The last 3 tracks are not really necessary but by then the band was done more than enough to make a lasting impression.

At the time this was released it was laying down defintion and identity to a whole scene and a genre and even now about a thousand years later there are many bands still influenced by this.

Reviewed by indigo on 06-12-2011

Keywords : hardcore metalcore

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