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The Luddite Clone - The Arsonist And The Architect

Relapse, 1999, CD, Picture Disc Vinyl

6 tracks of sick, well-produced sounding grind and thrash.

When I bailed out of the pop-punk and ska scene in the 90s I got hold of this thinking I was onto the sickest, heaviest metal I could find. I was pretty happy with it as it blew away most things I had been listening.

The technicality is there, the variation, the texture and of course the brutality. It even has some twisted melody in it but the emphasis is on speed and devastation, as it should be with such a band. They do everything well and the production is solid. Relapse was releasing a lot of good shit at this time when nu-metal was threatening to embarass everyone. Sadly they only ever released 2 split EPs ( 1 of them live ) plus this EP.

Reviewed by indigo on 06-12-2011

Keywords : grind math metal metalcore

This record rated by users : 4.523 ( out of 5 ) from 21 votes.