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Drowningman - How They Light Cigarettes In Prison

Revelation, 2000, CD, 7" clear, 7" purple vinyl

So before all this death metal influenced hardcore started to rain in on everyone there were bands like Drowningman following on from bands like Converge, Botch and Cave In playing this sick chaotic hardcore. It's hard to imagine now as a lot of the stuff is not chaotic at all, just dull and cliched. This was around the millenium of course when folks were wondering what was in store for everyone.

The 4 tracks here are very accomplished and technical and really show where hardcore and related underground music was at around the turn of the millenium. They move easily between chaotic heavy passages to lighter soaring melodies and then back again.

It's a good listen, it never gets dull and a great introduction to the band.

Reviewed by indigo on 06-12-2011

Keywords : mathcore 90s chaotic hardcore screamo

This record rated by users : 1.666 ( out of 5 ) from 15 votes.