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Undertow - Edge of Quarrel

Lost And Found, 1995, CD

This collects together various 7" releases, compliation tracks and the demo of this 90s Seattle straight-edge band.

Most of this material is now 2 decades old and the production tells you this but what we have here is one of the early metalcore pioneers. They were one of the first bands to mix metal and hardcore and so you have the origins of the sound that influenced all these other bands that were to come.

The songs deal with personal integrity and straight edge ideals as the music uses heavy chugging riffs and creepy basslines along with the usual fast and furious approach of many of the bands from the time. I can certainly hear the origins of this profound, epic metalcore sound in there where the rhythms build up into a real fist raising sing-along.

Overall it's a good listen if you turn the volume up. They also have another compilation of tracks on Indecision that includes more tracks than this release and so that might be an option if you can't get hold of this which is now out of print.

Reviewed by indigo on 06-12-2011

Keywords : metalcore straight-edge lost and found

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