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Union 13 - East Los Presents

Epitaph, 1997, CD

Back in '97 there were a lot of bands on labels like Epitaph, Fat Wreck and Lookout peddling this catchy, hook laden, comedy "punk" rock. Really the whole thing had peaked by then with the big hitters like The Offspring, Bad Religion, Rancid, Green Day, Pennywise and NoFX all having released their best albums and now there was a deluge of second-rate bands.

Union 13 felt different though. Less concerned with hooks and melody and certainly not interested in some slapstick, ironic comedy, they basically played as fast as they could and sung ostensibly political lyrics. This, their first record on Epitaph, showcases that hell-for-leather style to the maximum with barely any let-up in proceedings as the vocalist rattles off militant calls to arms in English and Spanish. It's not very different from early hardcore in that it relies on unrelenting speed and fury, rather than the snottiness and swagger of punk rock. There is melody and sing along parts aswell that sets it apart from the more underground bands that had the same spirit but much less technical ability.

Even now 14 years later this is a blast to listen for any punk / old-school hardcore fans.

Reviewed by indigo on 06-12-2011

Keywords : punk rock old school hardcore west coast hardcore epitaph

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