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Engine Kid - Angel Wings

Revelation, 1994, CD, Vinyl, blue Vinyl

Reeling from the excesses of cock rock, the early 90s saw a lot of alternative rock music get churned out. Grunge was at its height when this record was released, the '88 buzz of hardcore was no more and so there were a lot of scenes and bands looking for some new kind of identity and a new sound.

Revelation were not just putting out the regular youth crew, Gorilla Biscuits inspired blasts around this time, they were releasing alternative, even experimental sounding records from bands like Into Another and Iceburn Collective. This record could also be considered "alternative" in that it combines various elements of heavy music into a fusion of sounds. We have loud / quiet dynamics with songs starting with clean instrumentation and sung vocals building into distorted waves of heavy riffs.

The empahasis is on the sound, rather than the songs which are structured in non-standard ways and meander through long passages of heavy instrumentation. This takes a few listens to fully absorb and appreciate as the whole thing sets its own dark mood.

It's not a record for everyone ( is any of this stuff? ) and fans of early 90s alternative rock and "post-hardcore" will probably be the ones most likely to enjoy this.

Reviewed by indigo on 05-12-2011

Keywords : metalcore noisecore post-hardcore emo noise rock avant-garde

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