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Insurrection - New Hope

Lifeforce, 1996, CD

This is back when people in bands seemed to care about things other than the music. Get this, there are explanations of each song's lyrics in the inlay.. back then this was fairly normal in order to spread cultural and political ideas in the scene... now? What would they do now? Write about what they felt in their peckers or what haircut they are thinking of getting.

Anyway, the band play 5 tracks of hard metalcore that a lot of these bands were playing in the 90s. It has some grind in it, some hardcore, some clean parts. It has this euro feel and so the screams could be deeper and higher in the mix but it still sounds desperate and impassioned enough. I don't know if I would bother to get this now if I was just into this style of music from that era. Maybe I would check out Catharsis, Undying, Morning Again and Earth Crisis first.

Reviewed by indigo on 05-12-2011

Keywords : metalcore vegan straight-edge lifeforce

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