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Evergreen Terrace - Writers Block

Eulogy, 2004, CD

Back when Bad Religion covered Linoleum and Anesthesia, it seemed like a good thing that such a band had covered those songs in that style. Remember, when that came out that there had been a deluge of pop-punk bands covering pop songs in varying quality. It was just getting too much and so I really liked hearing those covers at that time. Now 10 years on after becoming sick of this screaming heavy style that all these bands seem to be playing, I'm not sure whether I really cared about this or not. If you hadn't already guessed, Evergreen Terrace turn their attention to various pop songs and do them in their heavy screaming style.

Some of it is enjoyable, some of it I couldn't care for. The quality is pretty good in terms of playing but nothing really new is added to any of the songs just that they are really amped up now. So what do we have?
Maniac... pretty good, enjoyed it.
Zero... dreadful song, don't even like the original.
Plowed... one of the best songs of the 90s, done pretty well here. Really quite enjoyable. Could reach god with this.
Stars... done really well but I don't really like the song.
Knowledge... shouldn't have covered it, don't like it much, dull punk song.
Mad World... terrible, really bad, sounds hamfisted... Original is butchered here. Sounds like Disturbed or some atrocious nu-metal band.
The Kids Aren't Allright... hard to mess this up. It's done pretty well though and is good fun. An enjoyable rockout.
Sunday Bloody Sunday... can't listen to U2, reminds me of being depressed as hell.
Dying Degree... really great, good choice of song. Not as well known NoFX song, but awesome. Don't like the bridge though, should have stuck to the original.

Plus there is another song that is one of their own which fans might appreciate but I don't really care for it.

All in all this has some enjoyable tracks for fans of this modern heavy screamo. Fans of the band in particular will love this. I'm not that bothered about it but I could listen Plowed or Dying Degree a few more times.

Reviewed by indigo on 05-12-2011

Keywords : metalcore screamo metal florida hardcore cover songs

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