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Undying - The Whispered Lie Of Angels

Good Life, 2000, CD, Vinyl

This is great Holy Terror style vegan straight edge metalcore. This type of band was pretty big around the turn of the millenium. Morning Again, Catharsis, Earth Crisis fans will love this record. The sound is really prophetic and apocalytpic with some great riffs and melodic passages, fast parts, breakdowns etc. The vocals are some of the best in this genre with this brutal rasping sound as well as some spoken pieces. It really has fire to it and some of the songs sound like stories or commandments. The lyrics are very insightful for anyone interested in the political and cultural aspect to this genre. I don't know what happened to this style of band... I know a lot of trendy sons of bitches started to copy this sound and make it more accessible to the masses at some point around the start of the decade.

Reviewed by indigo on 18-11-2011

Keywords : death metal deathcore metalcore vegan straight-edge

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