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Culture / Kindred - split EP

Good Life, 1997, CD

The fact that this split EP from 2 hardcore bands begins with a classic clip from Taxi Driver where De Niro's character is talking about "all the animals that come out at night" means that this is automatically recommended.

The music isn't bad either. Kindred play some straighforward H8000 metalcore that bands like Congress and Liar got going. The 3 tracks are pretty good but nothing amazing. It has a good groove to it with some decent riffs but sounds like they need to develop their sound more.

Culture get their 3 tracks kicked off by playing some minor-key clean intro that builds up into some distorted, forboding slugfest. Damien Moyal's vocals sound really great, very distinctive and effective. Nobody really matched his style or delivery ever. He killed it before anyone else even knew what metalcore was. Their other 2 tracks are also very good with loads of heavy riffs and beatdowns. This is where it was at in '97.

Reviewed by indigo on 05-12-2011

Keywords : straight-edge metalcore metal damien moyal john wylie h8000 florida hardcore

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