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Standing Tall - To Suffer Discomfort For Compassion

Genet, 1999, CD

CD EP released in '99 on Belgian label Genet by this Florida metalcore band.

This was in the days when this style was just getting going when there were a thousand nu-metal bands. Nobody cared then, they were too busy listening to Mudvayne or Disturbed. Now this style has developed much more and taken over but while the bands have become more technical and the production on the records better, there has been a catastrophic loss in passion, emotion and sincerity.

This record has all the latter qualities as the band move between heavy, raging metallic passages into clean, spooky instrumental interludes on the 5 tracks here. The vocals have this cathartic, raw quality to them as does the sometimes messy guitar. Nothing about this is particularly groundbreaking, even for the time, but fans of early Converge, Botch, early Cave In, New Day Rising and the rest of the Florida sound from the 90s will get something from this.

Reviewed by indigo on 04-12-2011

Keywords : metalcore screamo metal florida hardcore

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