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The Monolith Deathcult - The White Crematorium 2.0

Epitomite, 2010, CD

This is a re-mastering and partial re-recording of their 2005 release by this Dutch death metal band.

Really it's pretty awesome death metal with a good sound and production. I never heard the original record and so I can't make a comparison to that, but it has the deep guttural vocals, the fast as hell tremolo riffs, the insane drumming and all the rest of the business. A couple of the tracks veer off into doomy apocalyptic keyboard laden passages which add to the overall texture of the record. The last track is some techno/industrial remix of one of their songs that I don't really care for, but fans of the band might. There are also some videos of the band in a multimedia section along with 4 additional tracks in that section.

Reviewed by indigo on 04-12-2011

Keywords : death metal

This record rated by users : 4.104 ( out of 5 ) from 24 votes.