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Rites Of Spring - End On End

Dischord, 1985, CD, Vinyl

I always liked how Dischord charged a reasonable price for their records. Like instead of £15 it would be £9. This was a good thing because sometimes I would go and buy a record after saving up for so long and brave all the agoraphobia and come back with some shitty record that I had spent £15 on, making me more miserable than before I had set-off.

So this is another record that has been described as "emo-core" or "emo". One of the first in that genre whatever that genre is. I know the band never felt comfortable with that term and I can understand it but certainly there is some kind of distinction to be made between this and the Embrace record and the other punk and hardcore bands that had come before them. It's like they borrowed something from the British bands of the time who were singing about personal and romantic issues, and they added that to the drive and energy of their punk and hardcore background. It certainly sounds like a good mixture of elements in the tuneful, engaging songs that are on this record.

The vocals are perhaps more raw and desperate than the Embrace record and certainly higher in the mix. There are moments of sublime melody and instrumentation as the fast and furious approach is sometimes slowed down to create longer passages of expression. Altogether it's still a very good listen for hardcore, punk and "emo" fans and for anyone else who might care for a dischordant alternative rock record.

Reviewed by indigo on 03-12-2011

Keywords : emo emocore hardcore dischord dc hardcore

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