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Elysium - Godfather

Crash, 2005, CD

Everyone likes Poland. Everyone knows someone from Poland who is cool. It's not a country that sucks too much. The only problem is the food.

So this is a band from Poland who totally rule. Sometimes I worry that some of these bands on labels like Crash and Epitomite might suck, but the last few didn't.

Right from the start when it gets going there is this massive sound. The intro riff sounds full of epic forboding and evil. Then the main tremolo riff kicks in and it's like a gattling gun rattling off rounds - a real nasty thick crunching sound. Really brutal. A good mix. The vocals start and you know it's awesome. The guy has this great mid-range scream like some Swedish death metal or Belgian hardcore.

It's mainly death metal style savagery throughout with some other influences. For fans of Entombed, At The Gates etc.

They don't screw up in the ways that some of these bands can by having lame vocals, a bad mix, no songs or just some nasty element they decided to use like one guy singing or some shitty keyboards.

Reviewed by indigo on 03-12-2011

Keywords : death metal

This record rated by users : 2.111 ( out of 5 ) from 27 votes.