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Bloodthrone - Shield Of Hate

Forever Underground, 2003, CD, Vinyl

Once I read this interview with Lars Ulrich where he said - "I don't put Saxon on when I wake up in the morning". I knew then that Metallica had started to suck. That's when they started to release all that turd like Load and Re-load. Even back in the day I always listened to Slayer and Megadeth and Maiden, I never liked Metallica that much. Anyway, the point is, I woke up the last few mornings at 4am, went to the fridge and got a beer to help with the pain, and put on this Bloodthrone record.

There are 3 things that usually make a record good :

1. They play very fast.
2. There are screaming vocals throughout.
3. The members wear leather arm and leg braces with spikes coming out.

And they have all 3 of these and do all 3 pretty good.

With regard to points 1 and 3 specifically, they play the tremolo riffs so fast that they must get tired. It's incredible. it just goes on and on, riff after riff, track after track. That's what the leather wrist braces are for!

The sound is not so well-produced, like this lo-fi black metal I kept hearing recently with loads of echo and spacey sound to the guitar. Vocals are growled, sounding more like Black metal than death and the guy is not just singing about dismembering female corpses, but other shit like the soul leaving the body in the Valley Of The Kings.

Like I say, every morning for the last week now.

Reviewed by indigo on 02-12-2011

Keywords : death metal

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