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Morning Again - When Tradition Dies Slowly

Revelation, 1998, CD, Vinyl

When I first got this record back in '99 I was still mainly listening to ska and punk and well... pop music basically. I had grown up on metal though and so it wasn't some horrific thing for me to hear this, I just wasn't into it at the time I first got hold of it. Things changed though and I became more disillusioned with the culture I was in and the general environment while I was at college and so I started to listen this record a lot more. It was summer and I had various anxieties to deal with and I liked how this sounded alongside my life story at the time and the posh sterile college life. The music sounded completely devastating and prophetic as I was sat in that college common room night after night. I just kept on listening to it. At first it just sounded like some type of Slayer / hardcore crossover with evil riffs but then I realised it was much more than that once I got a better ear for it. The whole job is done to perfection... the sound is huge and Kevin Byers the vocalist spits out every word alongside the Holy Terror sounding metallic hardcore. He has a deeper and more rasping scream than previous vocalist Damien Moyal and so this is a different sound to when the latter was on the mic. The lyrics are all about vegan, straight edge, and political issues. For me this helped me appreciate the music even more rather them singing about dead bodies or some other dark shit.
A young kid could do worse than get hold of this and listen to it and get into the whole scene if they are bummed with whatever else is going on around them.

Reviewed by indigo on 18-11-2011

Keywords : straight-edge metalcore metal vegan john wylie kevin byers florida hardcore

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