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324 - Customized Circle

HG Fact, 1997, CD

Totally brutal and fast as hell fastcore/grindcore/deathcore from Japan. Singer reminds me a bit of Brujeria but I can't tell if any of it is in English or Japanese or what. He sounds furious anyway.
The sound of the guitar riffs are so brutal and savage, totally pummeling the person listening, quite high in the mix - it's all over in 11 minutes. The drums are insanely fast at times to the point of ridiculousness. Actually the whole thing is ridiculous, to think that someone could make such a thing and get it over to westerners. I used to like listening this kind of thing at college in the computer room while other folks were trying to write essays. Even with headphones they could hear it and didn't have the balls to tell me to turn it down because it probably sounded too insane what I was listening to and they were afraid to approach me in case I bit off their ear or something.

Reviewed by indigo on 17-11-2011

Keywords : grind power violence

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