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Lagwagon - Trashed

Fat Wreck, 1994, CD, Vinyl

Really it's getting silly now because all the reviews are about records from the 90s. I'm not that bothered though. Good shit was released then as opposed to the last few years which has seen a deluge of horrors released under the "metal" "hardcore" and "punk" umbrella as these styles have become more acceptable to the middle-classes.
Probably some crusty punks think that this is bullshit aswell and that it all stopped being good in the 80s sometime when Discharge broke up. I can see that, I have time for that, but let's stick with this idea about the 90s for now.

So this record could be classified under "pop-punk" along with a lot of other bands from that time. Usually most folks didn't go beyond Green Day, Offspring, Rancid, NoFX and Pennywise which is undersstandable if you have no money and 20 minute records are fifteen british pounds.

Well here is a good record in that genre, as good as any other mainly because they could really play and were technically much better than other punk rock bands. It has all the right elements but with this genre its more about the songs than the sound and here they have some of their best material. Some real fast blazing melodic tracks full of energy and sincerity. They weren't just singing about how ironic or un-PC they were - they had some genuine feeling and passion going on. There is still the light-heartedness at times which makes this a nice style to listen to if you can't tolerate heavy, atonal styles further towards the extreme end of the spectrum.

Even 17 years later this record is a great listen for fans of melodic punk rock.

Reviewed by indigo on 01-12-2011

Keywords : pop punk fat wreck

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