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Christie Front Drive / Boys Life - split

Crank!, 1995, CD

This is a nice EP of 30 minutes with 3 songs from each band showing what this sound was all about back in the 90s. These were 2 influential bands. The songs they offer here are pretty great especially the Christie Front Drive tracks which have a lot of feeling just in the guitar melodies. Boys Life is a bit more dischordant but still awesome. Really I should just write out here the bit that is written in the inlay of the record:

" Sitting on the base of a water tower atop a warehouse in Brooklyn, we sat and watched the stars, watched the night grow older and older into the summer of 95. Feet dangling off into the space between here and the city skyline, ablaze and bold. Conversation, coffee, cigarettes; for a brief moment in time, it was the Midwest transplanted here, in a rundown, sketchy section of the metropolis. Emotions that built and swelled and poured themselves out through dischordant guitar chords and mathy drum beats turning into sweet serenades that wound up and around you, that was the music. It was a soundtrack to a bunch of kids who found themselves awkwardly trying to put a meaning to their place between where they came from and where they are going, whining and whispering and wearing their hearts on their guitars. It was the beginning of something new, the beginning of something that would later transform itself into a genre. " Maria Catamero / blue ghost.

Reviewed by indigo on 01-12-2011

Keywords : emo alternative rock crank

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