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Brujeria - Raza Odiada

Roadrunner, 1995, CD

Once when we went to see NoFX in Manchester we made a big trip across the country on some horrific bus journey. We had stayed up the night before because we were so buzzed and so by the time we were in Manchester we had been awake for some diabolical amount of time. It was hot and we were practically delirious. We were laying around on benches wondering what we would do for a few hours. All the shit we were listening to was sending us to sleep or into some near-death state and so we went to HMV and got a copy of this record because it was the heaviest, most out there shit we could think of at the time. Back then we were into all the other Roadrunner bands and this was seen as some next level in sickness and extremity. Really it wasn't, it was just Fear Factory members playing some heavy metal. But still, at that time it kept us awake for an afternoon and sounded pretty good.

I wouldn't really call it death metal, it's more like regular sounding 90s metal without any bullshit and some great vocals sung in Spanish where the guy sounds really furious and deranged. You can tell the riffs are Fear Factory but the pace of the whole job is a lot slower and more like some hardcore bands from that time. The production and mix is pretty good, like the Fear Factory records from that time but more raw.

How does it compare now 16 years later? It still sounds pretty sick.

Reviewed by indigo on 01-12-2011

Keywords : death metal deathcore hardcore metal dino cazeres billy gould

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