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Lividity - Till Only The Sick Remain

Morbid, 2002, CD, Vinyl

Really it delights me to think that some people in their sober middle class existences have absolutely no idea that such a recording exists or that there is indeed a whole genre of music dedicated to this kind of thing. Some folks might not recover if they got exposed to this record.
I put it on and it starts off with some primitive fuzzy sounding death-metal type riff and then the vocals start... I laughed out loud because it was the best thing I had heard in a while, and also the most diabolical. Not a single word is intelligible, it doesn't even sound human, more like some beast has been discovered in the sewers that makes noises. There is also some other singer in the mix, that is a different style, higher maybe, more human(?) sounding. Also some beatdowns are pretty good but it's quite primitive stuff overall and mainly for fans of sludge and gore. I like it though, it's grown on me but it's not everyone's cup of tea, even fans of extreme music. Maybe a good stocking filler for grandma at xmas.

Reviewed by indigo on 17-11-2011

Keywords : death metal grind doom gore

This record rated by users : 3.5 ( out of 5 ) from 2 votes.