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All Out War - For Those Who Were Crucified

Victory, 1997, CD, Vinyl

This is brutal 90s metalcore. Victory put out a lot of records like this at one point. Fans of this style will get this. New folks coming from other places might get turned to it also.

It has a sick, heavy, evil sound with plenty of double-bass drumming and monstrous beatdowns. There are also the slayer-sounding lead riffs that often kick things off and other mosh riffs that sound like slabs of concrete being smashed together. It has a good groove to it with those great rhythms that these bands get going where one guitar plays some variations around palm-muted open bottom string, other guitar plays some sick lead riff, double-bass drums and barbed rasps from the singer.

I can imagine it being berzerk live.

Reviewed by indigo on 01-12-2011

Keywords : metalcore holy terror

This record rated by users : 1.96 ( out of 5 ) from 25 votes.