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Good Clean Fun - Shopping For A Crew

Phyte, 2000, CD

It's not always the case that you get hardcore mixed with humour, but here we have it with Good Clean Fun. A lot of punk bands in the 90s were throwing in satire and irony into their songs... bands such as NoFX, Guttermouth and The Vandals, but usually with hardcore it's quite a serious business.

The sound is quite crusty with fast-paced old-school sounding hardcore/punk songs with some breakdowns and gang vocals. The songs are pretty well-written with some good hooks and memorable choruses.

I personally don't care for this kind of thing. I prefer the regular political, social and apocalyptic lyrics in hardcore bands. If I want something funny I'll watch Faulty Towers or Only Fools And Horses. It's not a bad record though, taken musically, and I can see how some people would appreciate the humour and the light-hearted piss-taking out of certain aspects of the scene and the lifestyle.

Reviewed by indigo on 01-12-2011

Keywords : straight-edge old school hardcore 88 hardcore

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