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Evergreen Terrace - Sincerity Is An Easy Disguise In This Business

Eulogy, 2005, CD, Vinyl

I'm going to start using this term "screamo" to define these melodic metalcore bands that typically use melody and have one guy screaming and one guy singing. I don't like this term, but I'm sick of having to write something that has more words. Everyone should know this type of music by now as there has been a deluge of this shit over the last decade or so.

This isn't one of the best examples of the genre, but then it's not the worst either. They have some good riffs and some catchy parts, I just don't like it that much because I went off this whole style. It sounds like they try to combine too many elements and don't focus the whole proceedings enough. A lot of the songs could really be pop-rock songs if you took out the screaming bits and the metallic riffs. There are large sections of each song ( usually the chorus ) where one singer sings some melodic lines and the guitars play some softer chords and rhythms.

The thing is though, some young kids dreaming of the summer will get a lot out of this, and will enjoy listening to it, and get buzzed from it.

Reviewed by indigo on 30-11-2011

Keywords : metalcore screamo metal florida hardcore

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