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Indecision - A Hard Rains Gonna Fall

RPP, 1999, CD, Vinyl

This is a release collecting together various 7" records and compliation tracks. There is 71 minutes here from this classic New York metalcore band.

It feels like a year since I bought this in '99 and listened to it while I was supposed to be studying. The quality in the metalcore scene may have increased in that time in terms of musicality and technical proficiency, but the passion, spirit and sincerity has not done.

The quality of the recordings and the sound varies and this is probably a better record for fans of the band than for anyone looking to get into them or this genre of music. Much of it has that great raw heavy feel to it that some of these bands managed to capture. Anyone familiar with this type of music will appreciate what is on offer here. For fans of Chokehold, Unbroken, Culture and all that jazz.

Reviewed by indigo on 30-11-2011

Keywords : metalcore new jersey hardcore

This record rated by users : 3.5 ( out of 5 ) from 1 votes.