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Drowningman - Still Loves You

Equal Vision, 2001, CD, 10" Orange Vinyl

Some people got sick of dull hardcore and metal and so they made records like this where they combined both genres plus added off-kilter melodies, weird song structures and other fancy shit. I can just imagine this old-school skinhead I once saw at an Ensign show, like what he would think of this. He was about 5ft tall in proper old school skinhead outfit, drinking Magnet or some other nasty drink and had about 3 teeth. Ensign were talking in between songs about "what hardcore was", and "what hardcore means", and clearly this guy wasn't up for any of it and so he kept shouting out "PRETENIOUS BOLLOX!" in this slurred, pissed, local way. If he wasn't up for Ensign then something like Drowningman would have sent him over the edge.
I mean, it's not a bad record, they play well, the sound and the mix is good. The songs are interesting and have some good bits and some catchy bits and some other bits. It's just got a particular style to it and is often quite chaotic in that they never stay with the same bit for very long. You can never know where it is going or what the hell it is really but still it's quite good and probably ahead of its time.

Reviewed by indigo on 30-11-2011

Keywords : mathcore metalcore screamo 90s chaotic hardcore equal vision

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