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The Bouncing Souls - Maniacal Laughter

BYO, 1996, CD, vinyl

Back when there were a lot of bands playing this pop-punk, it might have been possible to overlook The Bouncing Souls. Records were more expensive back then and I for one had less money and so if you were going to buy something you might have gone for a safe bet like Green Day, NoFX, Pennywise etc. It was rough if you spent £15 on a record and didn't like it so much. A school kid only had so much pocket money. So when I got some more cash and discovered places like SecondSpin I bought a few records like this, that I might not have bought ordinarily.I wasn't disappointed with it at all. It's a great good-time punk rock record with plenty of infectious tunes. It's about life when it was simpler and all that was going on was things like BMX. The songs are fast, short and light-hearted. You can tell they are full of energy and the songs are warm and friendly but still have spirit and rebellion in them. Some of this metal shit can get depressing after a while and so you might want to listen a record like this to remind you that the apocalypse hasn't happened yet.

Reviewed by indigo on 30-11-2011

Keywords : punk rock rock and roll pop punk

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