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Modern Life Is War - Witness

Deathwish, 2005, CD

"So what the fuck are you going to do, kid? Still ratting at the chains of the gates of the world..."

What's good about hardcore is that you go to see one of these bands and there can be this big experience of unity there among the people. Like this tremendous energy and force that goes beyond everyone, something bigger and greater that everyone seems to be part of. Then you go see some fashionable indie rock bollox and it's full of people prancing around like tits, chained to their egos, not ever coming close to the greatness that a hardcore band can bring to a room of strangers. That's how I felt when I first starting going to see a lot of bands. It just seemed obvious to me. I was so sick of these bullshitters in indie, brit-pop and cock-rock bands on the TV and at shows acting like something special when really they were just mean, dull and a bunch of bastards.

Reviewed by indigo on 15-11-2011

Keywords : hardcore punk post-hardcore

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